Coldplay brings Music of the Spheres tour to Seattle’s Lumen Field

a crisp September evening, stars above, and the electric atmosphere of Lumen Field. The doors swing open at 5 p.m., and that’s when the real party starts. Grab your friends and get ready for a night you won’t forget. The concert itself blasts off at 6:30 p.m., and we can’t stress enough how epic it’s going to be!

Before Coldplay takes center stage, you’re in for a treat. Not one, not two, but three amazing acts will grace the stage. H.E.R. and 070 Shake will get the party started, and if you’ve caught this tour before, you know they bring the heat. It’s like a mini-music festival right in Seattle!

Now, let’s talk about the journey. The Music of the Spheres tour started making waves in May and June of 2022, rocking cities like Chicago and New York. But guess what? They’re back, baby! After Seattle, they’ll be hitting Vancouver, San Diego, Pasadena—making musical waves all over North America until 2024. That’s commitment!

Here’s the twist: Coldplay decided to hit the road again after a break following their 2019 album, “Everyday Life.” Why the hiatus? They were on a mission to make their tours eco-friendly. Two years of planning led to a massive pledge to reduce CO2 emissions by more than 50%. These guys are rockstars not just on stage but for the planet too!

Working hand-in-hand with DHL, they’re flying green, using electric vehicles, and building stages out of materials that give Mother Earth a high-five. It’s like music with a side of sustainability.

Now, let’s talk hits! “Something Just Like This,” “A Sky Full of Stars,” “Viva la Vida,” “Adventure of a Lifetime,” and “Clocks” are just a few of the gems they’re bringing to Seattle. Get ready to sing your heart out and dance like nobody’s watching.

Hold onto your hats because the Music of the Spheres World Tour is making history. Billboard’s August 2023 ranking shows it’s grossed an eye-popping $617.8 million from 6.3 million ticket sales, making it the fourth highest-grossing concert run ever. Talk about music that moves mountains!

So, if you’re searching for an unforgettable night of music, positive vibes, and a dose of eco-consciousness, mark your calendar for September 20th. Coldplay is ready to rock Seattle, and you don’t want to miss it. Grab your tickets, your friends, and get ready for a legendary night under the stars at Lumen Field. See you there, rockstars!”