Angelica Ross Opens Up About Her Experience Working with Emma Roberts

Angelica Ross, the talented actress known for her roles in “American Horror Story.” Recently, Angelica shared a candid moment from her time on the set, shedding light on some challenges she faced while working alongside her former co-star, Emma Roberts.

The Heartfelt Story: Picture this: Angelica Ross, Emma Roberts, and a guy named John on set. During a conversation, something unexpected happened. John jokingly chimed in with, “OK, ladies, that’s enough. Let’s get back to work.” And then, Emma turned to Angelica and said, “Don’t you mean ‘lady’?” Can you believe it? Angelica was taken aback, and she shared her reaction in an Instagram Live video. She recalls thinking, “What the heck did she just say?”

The Aftermath: Angelica admitted that back then, she didn’t say much about it because she was afraid people might blame her. But inside, her emotions were boiling. So, what happened next? Well, when they had scenes together, Angelica kept her distance, and Emma noticed. Emma would ask, “Are you okay?” Angelica’s response? A mysterious “Hmm. Don’t blame me. You’ve been playing mind games with everybody on set.”

Angelica’s Remarkable Journey: Angelica Ross made history as the first transgender actor to snag two series regular roles on “American Horror Story.” She portrayed memorable characters like Donna Chambers and The Chemist in different seasons. Her journey has been nothing short of inspiring.

Contractual Challenges: Here’s a twist in the tale: Angelica was on a seven-year “first position” contract with FX. This meant she couldn’t work on other projects without the network’s approval. Even though she was initially told she’d return for Season 11 of “AHS,” things didn’t go as planned. This led to her turning down an opportunity with Marvel.

Emma’s Response: As of now, Emma Roberts hasn’t made any public statements about Angelica Ross’s revelations.

Supporting Angelica Ross: Let’s rally around Angelica Ross and acknowledge her courage in sharing her story. It’s essential to create an environment where everyone feels respected and valued, regardless of their gender identity. Angelica’s decision to speak out against discrimination and transphobia sends a powerful message about the importance of inclusivity in the entertainment industry.

The Marvel Opportunity: Imagine the excitement when Marvel came knocking on Angelica’s door with an opportunity. Unfortunately, due to the delays caused by her FX contract, she had to pass it up. It’s a reminder that even in the world of showbiz, sometimes challenging choices must be made.

Emma Roberts, We’re Waiting: As we wrap up this friendly take on the story, we can’t help but wonder what Emma Roberts might have to say about all this. Her perspective on the matter would add depth to the conversation, and we hope she’ll consider sharing her side of the story soon.