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Samsung X BTS SUGA: A Special Collaboration for The Freestyle

Samsung X BTS SUGA: A Special Collaboration for The Freestyle

In an electrifying fusion of technology and music, Samsung Electronics is all set to unveil a brand-new film starring none other than BTS’s SUGA on October 5, 2023. This collaboration is bound to leave BTS fans and tech enthusiasts worldwide buzzing with excitement. SUGA, as Samsung’s ambassador, is ready to showcase his unique take on Samsung’s latest portable projector, “The Freestyle 2nd Gen.” Get ready to dive into this thrilling partnership!

Discovering The Freestyle 2nd Gen:

As the world eagerly awaits this special film, it’s essential to understand what makes “The Freestyle 2nd Gen” such a standout product. This innovative portable projector, part of Samsung’s Freestyle lineup, brings a fresh wave of excitement to portable screens. With its newly introduced “Smart Edge Blending” feature and compatibility with the “Gaming Hub,” it’s a game-changer in the world of portable projectors. This device is all about versatility, and SUGA is here to show us just how versatile it can be.

SUGA’s Unique Spin:

SUGA’s charisma is known to light up any stage, but now he’s ready to illuminate our screens in an entirely different way. Through the brand film, he will demonstrate how he uses “The Freestyle 2nd Gen” in his distinctive style. His message is clear: “You’ve got the freedom to use The Freestyle anytime, anywhere. No others, only SAMSUNG!” This collaboration promises a unique look into how SUGA incorporates technology into his life, and it’s bound to be both entertaining and inspiring.

IFA 2023 Surprise:

Before the grand reveal of the brand film, SUGA made an appearance at IFA 2023 in Berlin, Germany. Visitors were taken by surprise as they were greeted by SUGA himself on a display screen. This warm welcome was an invitation to experience “The Freestyle 2nd Gen” firsthand. The excitement and enthusiasm of this moment left a lasting impression on attendees, setting the stage for what’s to come


As October 5 approaches, the world is eagerly awaiting the brand film starring BTS’s SUGA and “The Freestyle 2nd Gen.” This collaboration is a perfect example of how technology and music can come together to create something extraordinary. SUGA’s unique take on the portable projector promises to be a treat for fans and tech enthusiasts alike. Stay tuned for this groundbreaking partnership, and let the excitement build!

1. What is the significance of SUGA’s collaboration with Samsung?

SUGA’s partnership with Samsung signifies a fusion of music and technology. As a global ambassador, he is not only promoting Samsung’s innovative products but also bridging the gap between the world of entertainment and cutting-edge technology.

2. What sets “The Freestyle 2nd Gen” apart from other portable projectors?

“The Freestyle 2nd Gen” stands out with its “Smart Edge Blending” feature, allowing for seamless and immersive visuals. Its “Gaming Hub” compatibility adds an exciting dimension for gamers. It redefines the possibilities of portable projection.

3. How can fans engage with this collaboration?

Fans can follow the excitement on Samsung’s social media accounts, including their YouTube channel, where the brand film starring SUGA will be unveiled. Stay tuned for exclusive behind-the-scenes content and updates.